Postdoctoral research associates

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Hyosung Kim

B.S. Food Science and Biotechnology Engineering, Kangwon National University

Ph.D. Molecular Biology, Rutgers University

Hyosung’s research focuses on glial-vascular interactions in health and disease

Brian O’Grady

B.S., M.S. Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio

Ph.D. Materials Science, Vanderbilt University

Brian’s research focuses on building representative 3D neurovascular models.

Graduate students


Emma Neal (Hollmann)

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee

Joined the lab in 2015 to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering

Emma's research focuses on using iPSCs and high throughput techniques to model and understand blood-brain barrier function.


Jonah Rosch

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Joined the lab in 2015 to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering

Jonah's research focuses on designing novel high throughput selection platforms to engineer better affinity reagents.


Allison Bosworth

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Louisiana State University

Joined the lab in 2016 to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Allison's research focuses on neurovascular mechanobiology and signal transduction in health and disease.


Yajuan Shi

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University

Joined the lab in 2017 to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering

Yajuan's research focuses on uncovering mechanisms of blood-brain barrier transporter regulation.

Kylie Balotin

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Rice University

Joined the lab in 2017 to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Kylie's research focuses on improving neuronal differentiation and maturation from iPSCs.


Everett Allchin

B.S. & M.S. Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University

Joined the lab in 2018 to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering

Everett’s research focuses on the development of small molecule biosensors to augment CRISPR screens.

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Alex Sorets

B.E. Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

Joined the lab in 2019 to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Alex’s research focuses on drug delivery to the brain (co-advised by Craig Duvall).


Ketaki Katdare

B.Pharm, University of Mumbai

Joined the lab in 2019 to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience

Ketaki’s research focuses on understanding mechanisms of GLUT1 regulation that may contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Research staff


Madison Stiefbold

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Madison joined the lab as a research assistant in 2019, and her efforts are focused on supporting iPSC differentiation and biomaterial fabrication for the lab.

Inanimate support objects


Sir von Hammock III

At the request of the graduate students, our beloved hammock joined the lab in the spring of 2019 to provide physical and emotional support during long hours in the lab. His adventures can be followed on Twitter via @SirvonHammock.



Kameron Hagerla (Neuroscience)

Riley Knight (ChBE)

Derek Lee (ChBE)

Colin Fricker (Neuroscience)

Neelansh Bute (Neuroscience)

Joe Alejo (ChBE)

Izzy Richter (BME)



Dan Balikov, MD/PhD — Next position: University of Michigan for residency in ophthalmology


Nicholas Marinelli, MS — Next position: United States Navy


Amanda Bailey (ChBE)

Catey Dodson (ChBE)

Cassie Woolley (SyBBURE)

Archit Protharazu (BME)

Michaela Copp (ChBE)

Franklin Gong (ChBE)

Dalton Gullett (ChBE)

Sungrok Chang (ChBE)

Shyla Slater (ChBE)

Nikki Kragt (ChBE)

Robbie Weinstein (ChBE/BME)