Lippmann Lab

The lab is located in Olin Hall at Vanderbilt University. The main lab is located in room 118 and the student offices are next door in room 119. Parking is available in the garage on Highland Avenue. 


The lab occupies ~1,100 square feet of contiguous space divided into a wet lab, a cell culture suite, and a small enclosed room for our more sensitive equipment. We have a wide array of standard lab ware, including a refrigerator, freezers, liquid nitrogen tank, equipment for gel electrophoresis, hotplates, balances, water baths, heating blocks, microcentrifuges, rocking platforms, vortexers, a convection oven, a pH meter, and a sonicating bath. The cell culture suite includes two BSL-2 hoods, two incubators, a bench-top centrifuge, an inverted brightfield microscope, a dry bead bath, a Countess automated cell counter, and a live-view microscope for colony picking. The main lab space also contains a ProFlex thermocycler, a Nanodrop 2000c, a Qubit 3.0 fluorometer, a MaxQ heated orbital shaker, custom peristaltic pumps, a Guava easyCyte 8HT flow cytometer (shared with John Wilson), and a Leica DMi8 epifluorescent microscope equipped with a motorized Z-focus scanning stage, a 1.4 MP CCD digital camera, a humidified stage-top incubator to enable long-term culture under normoxia or hypoxia, and 3D deconvolution software for pseudo-confocal capabilities. Finally, we use a 50 L carboy, extra-large magnetic stirring platform, and osmometer to prepare our own custom media for stem cell culture.

Vanderbilt University and Nashville

Ranked in the top 15 nationally, Vanderbilt University is a private, internationally recognized research university located on 330 park-like acres 1.5 miles from downtown Nashville. The city of Nashville has a metro population of approximately 1.6 million people and was named the “It” city by Time magazine, described as one of the 15 best U.S. cities for work and family by Fortune magazine, and listed as a top destination by Frommer's, Travel + Leisure and Men's Health magazines. Overall, Nashville is a vibrant environment for both work and leisure (